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Give little girls big ideas

When Tara Binns runs widdershins, she gets to do amazing things!

Tara Binns is a charming and clever departure from the princesses and fairies that usually dominate books with female characters. She solves problems, invents things, learns new skills, has bright ideas, helps other people, makes tough decisions, and shows each child how practical, resourceful, capable and kind every little girl is.

What's widdershins?

It means taking a different path to the usual, or doing the opposite of what is expected. When Tara Binns runs widdershins around an old chest in the attic, she is transported into a costume she wouldn't normally choose, and a fantastic adventure to go with it. She soon discovers how much fun she can have doing something she hadn't considered before.

Tara's adventures show her that little girls can be or do anything - nothing is off limits and no jobs are just 'for boys' or 'for girls'. Tara's adventures aim to inspire children, show them all the opportunities out there and plant big ideas in little minds.

Tara Binns tries out a different job in each book, showing children all the amazing possibilities out there…

Tara Binns Book - Eagle-eyed Pilot

In EAGLE-EYED PILOT… she finds herself flying a jumbo jet, and in skillfully avoiding a terrible thunderstorm happens upon what MIGHT be an old pirate treasure map.

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Tara Binns Book - Crash Test Genius

In CRASH TEST GENIUS… she becomes an engineer and a sudden accident gives her a brilliant idea that will make bumps, thumps, trips and falls a LOT more fun!

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Tara Binns Book - Double Choc Doc

In DOUBLE CHOC DOC… she becomes a doctor, and after seeing her patients suffer with coughs, colds and sneezes, Tara finds a cure in the unlikeliest of places.

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What do other parents think?

“These books would be terrific for any child, but parents of girls in particular may find these to be essential bookshelf additions.” — Man vs. Pink,

“It made me think that girls could work in a garage... I never thought of that before. I have learned that I could do lots of jobs I never even thought of.” — Lea, aged 8,

“I love the concept of the Tara Binns series. I especially like how it introduces children to careers that are not often talked about.” — Gracie's mum ,

“Tara is courageous and adventurous. She teaches us to be open to possibilities and not to be afraid of challenges. And it's not just one for the girls, boys would love Tara too …after all who wouldn't want to find pirates' treasure?!” — Tatiana,

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